How Does Hypnosis Work?

One way of explaining how hypnosis works is that it puts you in the right frame of mind for learning new ways of thinking and feeling better. Within hypnosis you can find yourself able to react positively to suggestions to change the way you think or how you feel about yourself and others.

Being in hypnosis can greatly amplify the effectiveness of the work we do together. Whether we are changing your thought patterns, chipping away at a limiting belief, increasing your expectations that things can change for the better or addressing your anger. Or we might be working together so you can put the past behind you or become more assertive.

Like many hypnotherapists I use tried and tested therapeutic approaches including those from the worlds of CBT, Behaviour therapy and psychodynamic therapy and present them to your mind in the powerful wrapper that is hypnosis.

In the Right Frame of Mind

When we’re in a great frame of mind, challenges that come our way seem easier. When we’re not the exact same problems can feel insurmountable. What if we could re-experience the way we did when we were OK and tackle today’s issues with that same, resourceful frame of mind? Hypnosis can help you do just that.

Would becoming less certain of something help?

Sometimes we can do with help to become less certain of something.

Sometimes we just know that things won’t change. Our expectations are low and despite ourselves we have admitted defeat. Hypnosis has an uncanny knack of breaking down rigidity and replacing it with choice and opportunities for change.

How are you with “not knowing” what the future holds?

Have you noticed how so many of us spend an awful lot of time attempting to answer the unanswerable?. How often do we try to get a definitive answer in our minds when there isn’t one? Ruminating like this can make us feel like we’re going round and round in circles, no wonder dizziness is a common anxiety symptom!

Learning to be comfortable with uncertainty is a great gift we can give ourselves and hypnosis can help.

Learning to Compartmentalise

Living in the moment is for many of us something we’d like to do more of. We may have times when we’re able to and times when it eludes us. Times when our past experiences leak into the present and disrupt our peace or times when anxiety about the future prevent us enjoying the here and now.

We could all do with building a few extra walls now and then.

Other times we’ve allowed our internal walls to grow too high which prevents us letting others in. Hypnosis is good at building, demolishing and adjusting our walls.

​Might hypnotherapy be for you?

So, whether you’re seeking help to change your thought patterns, be more confident, or less fearful or less anxious, hypnotherapy is well worth including in the options you explore. Most hypnotherapists are happy to talk to you free of charge for an initial consultation which can be a useful way of making up your mind whether hypnotherapy might just be for you. Hypnotherapists also work online which gives you extra choice and flexibility.