Smoking - you know you should give up, so why's it been so hard?

I don't need to remind you of all the reasons you ought to give up, you've probably played them through in your mind many times.

So why when you KNOW all the downsides to keeping smoking is it so hard to leave it behind?

I'd suggest it’s because this habit is now so deeply ingrained it's become subconsious. You don't have to consciously think I'll have a cigarette, you just automatically reach for one. This is why hypnotherapy is a great way of giving up smoking, as it's great at changing subconscious habits.

Think for a moment about your first smoke of the day. How it's linked right into your daily routine, how you automatically reach for the packet and before you know it, it's lit and you're enjoying (or hating) the taste.

Consider times when you've perhaps taken a long haul flight or a long journey where you haven't been able to smoke. You didn't follow the habit then, you may have been focused on other things or the usual triggers may have been absent.

You probably sleep through the night without smoking, another reminder smoking is more of a habit than a physical addiction.

The Right Time and Right Way for You

I always encourage people to consider if this is the right time for them to quit. If it is and you feel you're already really motivated, or would like some help to become more motivated then hypnotherapy for stopping smoking could be for you.

Hypnosis can be a very effective way of giving up the smoking habit. It's not the only way, in fact I recently came across this newspaper article which showed how much people can achieve on their own, there were some inventive solutions. You may be one of them?  If not then please do get in touch so I can give you that helping hand.

My Stop Smoking Approach

I offer a simple four step process:

1) Telephone call assessment where I find out all about your smoking history - when you started, whether you've given up before and if so what drew you back in. We will also talk about your motivations for giving up now.

2) You pay for two hypnosis sessions up front. Why two, why up front? Well partly it shows you're committed and secondly it encourages you to return if by chance you relapse. Each hypnosis session is £90.

3) We have our stop smoking hypnosis session.

4) You let me know how you're getting on and if there's more work to do we'll go ahead and do it.

If during our phone call I think smoking is more than just a habit then I can still help, but we might take a different approach. For example if you're smoking because you're stressed or anxious about something it may make sense to deal with that first.

Please get in touch by calling me on 07710 360926 or completing the form below to book today.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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