Smoking - you know you should give up, so why's it been so hard?

I don't need to remind you of all the reasons you ought to give up, you've probably played them through in your mind many times.

So why when you KNOW all the downsides to keeping smoking is it so hard to leave it behind?

It’s because this habit is so deeply ingrained now it’s directed by your subconscious mind. You don't have to consciously think I'll have a cigarette, you just automatically reach for one. This is why hypnotherapy is a great way of giving up smoking, as it works directly with the subconsious and tackles that subconsious habit.

The Right Time for You

So, if this is the right time for you to quit. If you're really motivated, then get in touch and we can get to work.

My Stop Smoking Approach

I offer a simple four step process:

1) Telephone call assessment where I find out all about your smoking history - when you started, whether you've given up before and if so what drew you back in. We will also talk about your motivations for giving up now.

2) 90 minutes to 120 minutes Hypnotherapy session

3) Follow up phone call - 1 or 2 days after our session.

4) Just in case follow up session - should you feel tempted to pick up a cigarette again - then you call me and you we arrange a follow up session

You need to be really motivated to quit and we'll use part of our assessment phone call in Step 1 to be sure this is the right time for you to quit. It's really important your smoking is just a habit and not driven by anxiety or depression for example. If anxiety or depression is driving your smoking habit it is better we deal with that first, before moving on to your smoking.

The cost is just £220. Less than the monthly financial cost of smoking 20 a day.

Please get in touch by calling me on 07710 360926 or completing the form below to book today.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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