Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnosis for Anxiety

If you’re reading this because you’re finding out what can help with anxiety, the good news is there’s lots that can be done. Whether you’ve decided on booking hypnosis for anxiety and are now seeking the right person to help you, or are just looking at options, you can be reassured that as an Anxiety Specialist I have helped many, many clients with their anxiety.

I tailor all hypnotherapy sessions to each individual client when I am using hypnosis to treat anxiety, as I find this the most successful approach. I choose not to offer a one size fits all programme. Having said that, there will of course be particular aspects of your anxiety that I will have seen before. Recognising these will help us decide which hypnotherapy tools within my professional toolbox are likely to be most useful to us within our sessions together.

How is anxiety affecting you?

Anxiety is extremely common and although some people are able to cover it up well, the effort of doing so can be exhausting. This can often lead to people avoiding doing things they would like to do and limiting their own potential. Or perhaps feeling permanently stressed.

Anxiety comes in many shapes and sizes but using hypnotherapy for anxiety I can help in all cases.

So whether you feel anxious all the time, or need hypnotherapy for social anxiety or hypnosis for health anxiety, or hypnotherapy for phobias I can help. If panic attacks are holding you back from achieving something you want to do, you can benefit from hypnotherapy.

Depression sometimes accompanies anxiety and in these cases hypnosis for anxiety and depression can make all the difference. Long term stress can lead to anxiety and if you also suffer from stress I can help.

Hypnosis for Performance Anxiety

Some of my clients come for help with anxiety around interviews, exams or other tests such as driving tests. It's amazing how, even though we have all the knowledge and capability to pass a test how anxiety can prevent us accessing those capabilities just when we need them most. These sorts of anxieties are really common and are sometimes referred to as performance anxieties and hypnosis for performance anxiety can transform the way you feel as you take those tests.

Sports performance anxiety is a particular form of performance anxiety and hypnosis for sports performance anxiety can be really effective in enabling sports men and women to re-connect with positive past performances and use these to regain lost confidence in their ability to succeed.

Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Phobias are a particular type of anxiety and perhaps one of the anxieties that is most commonly associated with hypnotherapy treatment.  Hypnotherapy for phobias for specific phobias can be a quick and effective treatment. If your phobia is part of a wider anxiety problem then hypnotherapy for anxiety can be used to treat both the wider anxiety and any specifics phobias.

Anxiety specialist

Whatever form your anxiety takes and whether or not you know where it came from, I can help.
I provide a safe, supportive, confidential environment within which we can work together on the changes you would like to make.

Through hypnosis for anxiety I can help you unlock your full potential and capabilities and free you from the anxiety that's holding you back.

When you're ready just get in touch. I offer both in person and online sessions so whether you're looking for hypnotherapy for anxiety in Reading or hypnotherapy for anxiety London, I can help. I can help wherever you're located, including outside the UK.

Finding the real you

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Anxiety Self-Help

Self-help can be very useful.

Why not browse some of my blog posts below where I go through some ways in which you can start to help reduce your own anxiety. Below I have also included a free relaxation audio recording, so if you or someone you know would benefit from that, please do download it and enjoy it with my compliments.

Regular relaxation is so important. To help you start practicing some relaxation, why not download my free Guided Relaxation audio?