Hypnotherapy in Reading for Weight Loss & Eating Habits

Help with Binge Eating, Eating Disorders and Over Eating

Are you battling to lose weight, battling to keep it off or perhaps you've an eating disorder you feel ready to tackle.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you may already be aware that dieting to lose weight doesn't work for many people in the long run. Even when we're able to lose weight, we may struggle to keep it off.

When you're ready for a different approach, Hypnotherapy for weight loss or eating habits can help. Using hypnosis we change the focus from the food to your reasons for overeating or not eating well. So we tackle the problem in a different way.

We can look at and deal with the subconscious reasons that drive you to overeat, binge eat or control what you eat. Then these subconscious “saboteurs” can no longer interfere with your conscious efforts to improve your eating habits.

You'll then be free to make the right decisions about what to eat without those decisions being negatively influenced by what’s going on subconsciously.

Why do we overeat?

There are many different reasons why we might over eat or over-control what we eat. All of them can respond well to Hypnotherapy for eating habits.

One of my recent hypnotherapy clients had developed a belief that chocolate treats were needed when she was upset. It could be this belief developed as she was growing up as she'd been given sweet treats as a child whenever she was upset. This led to her needing hypnotherapy to help her with her Comfort Eating.

Binge Eating can sometimes just be a habit we've developed. If we get into the habit of always having a big bag of crisps when we sit down in front of the TV then that habit can soon become automatic – “sit down, reach for crisps, eat them”. Hypnotherapy for binge eating can help to change that habit.

Occasionally binge eating fulfills an unmet need. I had a client from Reading recently who came for hypnotherapy for Binge Eating. During our hypnosis sessions together he realised he was bingeing because he was refusing to slow down. He was over-working himself and the only time he relaxed was when he sat down with those chocolate and crisps and ate. Essentially he was making himself Binge more so that he relaxed more. Some faulty logic perhaps but the signal was clear - he was not meeting his internal needs. Once he took a step back at his life and made some adjustments with the help of hypnotherapy in Reading the Bingeing stopped. The habit was no longer needed.

If we're planning to lose weight and keep it off it's important that all of parts of our mind are in agreement and pulling in the same direction. For example if you believe that you must lose weight before going for that promotion at work, start dating again, start making new friends, socialising etc etc then if you hold any inner fears about getting out there and doing those things you may find you subconsciously sabotage your own weight loss efforts. In these cases hypnotherapy for weight loss can help identify and address those hidden fears.

What do you need help with?

Of course these are just examples and what you're experiencing may be similar to or very different from the cases I have talked about above. Many of my clients when they started hypnotherapy sessions with me didn't know what was subconsciously preventing them from losing weight and keeping it off, or stopping Binge Eating.

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