Reading Hypnotherapy - Driving Test Anxiety

I am here to help you overcome for good your Anxiety around your driving test.

It took me three goes to pass my driving test and I wish I had known about hypnotherapy as an option to help me when I was learning. Instead I went to the doctor for help with my nerves. He promptly prescribed me something to relax me; those pills relaxed me so much that I stopped paying full attention and broke the speed limit during my next test!

May be you perform well outside of the test environment, but during the test itself the nerves take over and it all goes out the window. Some clients have described to me how they almost seem to be a different person during the test, it's as if a different part of them is in charge.

Imagine what a difference it'll make, once you're able to perform at your best.

Your anxiety and how I can help

I help a lot of clients with preparing them mentally for their test. Your driving instructor will have already started the process with lots of constructive feedback, encouragement and practical tips about how to handle nerves on the day. I can help when that isn't enough.

Clients I see for test day nerves all have one thing in common, something outside of their conscious awareness, a subconscious block if you like, that is driving that fear on the day.

That's where I believe hypnotherapy can make the difference. Hypnotherapy using hypnosis can enable you easier access to your subconscious thoughts and feelings. As a hypnotherapist I can help you "shine a light" on that blockage and once we can see it, it's much easier to resolve it.

After that you're just like anyone else come test day, a little nervous yes, but looking forward to demonstrating all you've learned to show you are ready for that 'P' plate.

What might those blockages be?

Previous bad experience - If you had a bad experience at a previous test then each time you try again your brain recalls that experience and doesn't want you to repeat it. So your brain gives you those anxious feelings to discourage you from putting yourself through that ordeal again. We can re-train your brain to generate positive rather than negative feelings.

Your brain has got confused between your vivid imagination and actual memories - The brain can get confused between real and imagined things and so if you imagine over and over, devising all the ways in which the test could go wrong then these "memories" become tightly associated with the test. We can undo this association and use your imagination in a much more useful way, to imagine success. We don't mind the brain mistaking these successful "memories" as real.

Negative beliefs about yourself - Perhaps you have an unhelpful inner belief, such as "I'm not good enough", despite all the evidence to the contrary. We can change this.

Inner conflicts. I once had a client who wanted to pass their test, as it opened up new opportunities workwise for them. However despite being a competent driver he always seemed to "throw the test away" with silly errors. It turned out part of him wanted to pass so he could take the work opportunity,  but another part of him was resisting as it would mean spending long periods away from home. In our sessions together we uncovered this inner tension and resolved it.

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