Hypnotherapy for Stress

How is stress affecting your life?

If you've been stressed a while then the list of ways stress affects you may well be foremost in your mind much of the time.

And frustratingly, you may already know that if you could just remove yourself from the sources of stress then you'd start to feel better.  But of course that's sometimes easier said than done.

For example holidays can provide temporary relief (assuming we don't pack the sources of our stress in our suitcase and bring them with us)..... We can recharge our batteries and maybe even start to to feel ourselves again.

Unfortunately for most of us permanent holidays aren't an option, and so instead we need to start to
acknowledge just what the sources of our stress are. And only then can we start to develop better strategies to deal with them.

Where do your stressors come from

Stress affects us all in different ways, and it isn’t always easy to identify what we need to do to lighten the load. Although some things may be outside our control, there are always things we can influence, or we can change the way we think about things. But the longer the stress goes on the fewer options we think we have.

Sometimes we know full well what our sources of stress are but don’t yet feel equipped enough to deal with them. And of course we can sometimes feel we’re part of the problem  “If only I could be more….”. Hypnotherapy for stress can be helpful in all cases.

Managing your stress can sometimes be about Picking Your Battles

Whether you believe you’re the source of your own stress or the stressors are the people and situations around you, hypnotherapy for stress can give you the head space to learn new strategies to change what you need to and just as importantly help you accept what you can’t change.

You may be familiar with the serenity prayer one version of which is “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference", the sentiments of which I concur with.

However if I had written this I’d be tempted to add a fourth. Sometimes it just isn’t right for us to accept a situation we can’t change and instead we have to walk away, retreat, change direction. And let me reassure you, sometimes that is exactly the right thing to do. And if it is, I can help you do that with hypnotherapy for stress management.

Now, if you’re used to standing and fighting then moving away can feel like surrender, “giving up”, something we’re not supposed to do. Of course if we’re doing it all the time because we can’t deal with conflict of any kind then that’s not good, but doing the opposite – never moving away, isn’t always healthy either. Like many things, it’s finding the balance.

How can I help you with Hypnotherapy for Stress?

I can help you become an effective stress manager.

Firstly I can help to take a mental step back so you can become aware just what the sources of your stress are. Some may be obvious to you, others less so. Some of these stressors will be within your control to change, even if right now it doesn't feel that way. And I can help you with that. Other stressors will be outside your control and in these cases the purpose of our work together is to either work towards better acceptance of the situation or to give you the ability to walk away, if that's the right thing for you to do. And I can help you develop a path through these that feels right.

I have helped many clients with hypnotherapy in Reading to develop a range of different skills that allow them to reduce their stress and become effective stress managers.

Some of my clients have benefitted from learning to be more assertive, maybe learning to say "no" or being able to express themselves in an effective way or perhaps learning to be able to compromise. Others have needed help with developing the confidence and the courage to take a different path or to make a difficult decision.

Some clients needed to be able to prioritise better, to become better decision makers and to stop procrastinating. To feel less busy. Whilst others wanted to become more comfortable with the uncertainty of life, to feel more optimistic about the future and allow themselves to live in the moment.

Some wanted to become "less perfect", to become comfortable with making mistakes. And most of my clients were also grateful to learn how to relax more!

Whether you're clear what help you need to become a great stress manager or whether you'd like some help to figure that out,  an initial consultation with me is a good way of finding out how I can help.

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