Below I have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. My hypnotherapy clients are always asking me great questions, and so this page will never be truly completed. I'll keep adding FAQs over time. If you have an hypnosis question that isn't answered here or elsewhere on my website then please do just get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

Does hypnotherapy work?

The short answer is – yes it can! Really well. There’s some caveats around that of course, nothing works for everyone and hypnotherapy isn’t the real world equivalent of a magic wand. In fact ‘Does hypnosis work?’ is such a common FAQ, I’ve dedicated a whole page to the answer here.

You can also find out what some of my clients thought about their experiences with me here.

Does online hypnotherapy work?

Yes it does and due to the current pandemic I’ve seen the majority of my clients online in 2020. In fact some clients prefer online hypnotherapy sessions as they’ve noticed some advantages such as being able to fit the sessions into their busy days more easily, saving travel time and costs or simply feeling more comfortable being in their own home environment.

Of course one advantage of working online is geography is no longer a barrier. Working online I am able to help clients from all parts of the UK and other countries too, so am no longer restricted to just Hypnotherapy in Reading.

I see clients for online hypnotherapy for anxiety and many other issues daily. Find out more about online sessions with me here.

How much does hypnotherapy cost?

Knowing how much this investment in your wellbeing is going to cost is an important factor.

Just before we move onto costs, one of the other important considerations when choosing who to work with, is to find  someone you feel you can build good rapport with,  someone you feel comfortable working with. Having good rapport is a good indicator of a successful therapeutic outcome.

Now onto the costs. There are two main ways hypnotherapists operate. Some hypnotherapists sell treatment packages, in which you pre-pay for a fixed number of sessions, for example an “Anxiety Package”.

Others like me charge per session. There’s no right or wrong way, I choose to charge per session because that way clients only pay for the sessions they want and need. I tailor each session to the individual client and so offering standard packages doesn’t fit so well with the way I work.

Packages do, of course, give clients a way of budgeting up front for their treatment. If you would prefer to pay for a block of sessions up front then that’s also possible with most therapists that charge by the session. For clients who want to do this, I am able to offer a discount for three or more sessions booked together.

So, if you are paying per session, how much does a hypnotherapy session cost? Generally you would expect to be paying for the hypnotherapist’s expertise and time so zoom or skype online sessions and  in-person sessions will generally cost the same  The cost of a session with me is shown here.

What does hypnotherapy feel like?

A lot of clients are curious to know what hypnosis is going to feel like. Someone else may have told you about their experience or you may have your own expectations of how it should feel.

For some people it feels like they're just sitting in their chair listening to me, we're just having a conversation. For others it feels like they've floated off someplace else. Most clients remember everything I say, some may not remember all of it.

Time may pass quickly during the session, this is because you may become really absorbed in the process.

The important thing to remember is, there's no right or wrong way for it to feel, only your way!

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, I believe so, provided you want to be. Within a hypnotherapy session you won't be asked to do anything you don't want to do and don't feel comfortable doing. It's worth remembering, it's part of my job as the hypnotherapist to find the right way to help you into hypnosis, so you can leave all the pressure of getting it right with me!

How many hypnotherapy sessions do I need?

Hypnotherapy tends to be solution focused therapy, which means a hypnotherapist will be helping you find solutions to the problems you are seeking help with, rather than focusing on analysing the problem or the reasons for the problems.

Hypnotherapy is not a long-term therapy. The number of sessions will depend on what you are seeking help for.  An experienced therapist will be able to make an estimate after an initial consultation. However it will be an estimate, everyone's different. I typically see clients for between 3 and 6 sessions. Sometimes fewer than 3 , sometimes more than 6.

I am always happy to provide more information about likely number of sessions following our initial consultation. Find out to book an initial consultation with me here.