Your Hypnotherapy sessions with me

Usually part of our first session will be an initial assessment, as it's important I understand from you as much information as possible about your situation and what changes you want to achieve.

Whilst our present difficulties may be due to earlier life experiences, which we may not be consciously aware of, that does not mean we necessarily need to discover what those experiences are in order to resolve your issues. What's important is we agree an approach that's right for you. 

Our work together will enable you to break any negative subconscious thought and feeling patterns that are currently holding you back. I use a variety of therapeutic approaches to help you achieve this, enabling us to get to the root of the problem.

Some clients ask if I use regression. Regression therapy involves revisiting past experiences and memories that have a bearing on how someone feels and behaves today. Regression can be a very effective way of getting to the root cause of a problem. I do use this therapeutic approach where it is appropriate but I also use a variety of other approaches to uncover the root of a problem including ego-state therapy (sometimes known as parts therapy or internal family systems therapy). We can talk more about the different possible approaches when we meet.

My goal is to support you in reaching your goals in the shortest time possible to produce long lasting change. I am here for you.

I offer a free, no obligation, initial 30 minute consultation on the phone, online or in person. This allows you to ask whatever questions you need to, so you are comfortable that hypnotherapy is right for you and also just as importantly, I'm the right person to help you. Equally if you decide Hypnotherapy is not for you, I will be more than happy to advise you on other types of therapy that may benefit you.

What will hypnosis be like?

What will Hypnosis be like?

I will guide you into hypnosis using my voice and although the experience is different for each person it will be relaxing. Anyone can be hypnotised if they want to be. Equally people cannot be hypnotised if they don't want to be. You remain relaxed and in control throughout. You are always in charge; I only facilitate this process. During hypnotherapy, you will not be made to do anything you do not want to do.

In this relaxed state, your critical, conscious mind becomes quietened and you become open to learning new positive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving to replace unwanted thoughts, feelings and ways of behaving. This learning takes place at the deep subconscious level and so as your  mind accepts the suggestions I make for your benefit, permanent, positive change can follow.

​ Utilising the past for positive change

The state of hypnosis with its access to your subconscious mind also enables access to your past experiences which are stored within your subconscious. For example if someone has lost confidence in their ability to do something we can draw on the past to re-connect them to those lost abilities. If someone feels they have always lacked confidence we can explore the past to see what may have contributed to that.

You may have connected with your subconscious mind before when a particular smell or sound perhaps resulted in you spontaneously recalling some long forgotten event or memory? Hypnosis is a way of connecting more directly to those events and memories which makes accessing them easier.

Therapeutically this allows access to any past events that may be contributing to your current issue.

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