Hypnosis for Confidence

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

I help a lot of clients with hypnotherapy for confidence.

It’s so easy to assume everyone but us has confidence. However, based on the number of people I see looking for help in this area, it’s just not true! In fact it’s not uncommon for people who come and see me for hypnotherapy in Reading to say something along the lines of, “People who know me think I’m the most confident person in the world and would so be surprised if they knew I was here. But it’s all a front!”

Of course there are genuinely confident people out there and confidence does seem to come naturally to some people, but for the rest of us it is perfectly possible to build confidence.

Getting Ready to Build

Before we start building it can be worthwhile to ensure the foundations we are building on are nice and strong. For someone who’s lost a bit of confidence and who knows it’s in there somewhere, this may just be a case of re-connecting them with that confidence using hypnosis. For other clients who are perhaps holding on quite tightly to negative beliefs about themselves, this may involve a little bit more exploration.

We can build up negative beliefs about ourselves surprisingly quickly. For example we can come to a negative conclusion about ourselves when something has happened to us.  Or sometimes we internalise what others tell us. A well-meaning parent telling us “It’s ok, no-one in our family is confident” may unwittingly be building that same limiting belief in us, when all they were trying to do was make us feel better about ourselves.

Once we have a nice strong foundation we are ready to build. And just like building anything, there’s lots of different tools we can use. And when we meet and start to talk, I’ll be able to select the best tools to help you.

Finding the real you

Hypnotherapy to build confidence in yourself

Sometimes people are confident in some areas of their lives and not others. For instance sometimes we find the confidence to fight for something for a family member of friend, but not for ourselves. Or we may be confident at work but not in social situations (or vice versa). If this is the case for you we can use your confidence in one area of your life and expand it into others.

You may feel you've never been confident and we can explore that. In my experience from working with many, many clients, there are many different reasons why clients may feel this. Sometimes we consciously know and other times we don’t. Fortunately hypnotherapy can be helpful in both cases.

So, whether you’re starting from ground level, or looking to build on previous successes then hypnotherapy for confidence is a good option.

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I have experience of helping lots of clients with their confidence. Some of my clients have needed help with their confidence in social situations, others in work situations such as meetings and conferences. One of my recent clients wanted the confidence to say 'no' and I helped her be able to do this in an assertive way.

Clients also come to me for help in re-gaining their confidence in playing their favourite sport. Sometimes they are looking for help to get them over a poor past performance, which has knocked their confidence. Others are returning to a sport they haven't played for a while and feel they need a boost.

In whichever area or areas of your life you need more confidence then I can help.

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