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Hypnotherapy can help with Chronic Pain

If you're reading this because you suffer from pain then I don't need to tell you about how  debilitating ongoing pain can be and how its effects can start to seep into all areas of your life.

There's been quite a lot in the press recently about how the long term use of painkillers is rarely the answer and instead other approaches are needed.

I am hopeful hypnotherapy could be part of the solution for you, whether  your looking for solutions to use alongside your pain medication or you're reluctant to start taking pills.

Free from Anxiety's an Panic's control

How hypnosis helps relieve your pain

Hypnosis can help by giving you a break from feeling the pain, shifting your  focus so you notice the sensations less. Hypnosis can also address those intrusive thoughts you may have about your situation, those thoughts that may well have a tendency to spiral you down into a negative mindset you'd rather not visit too often.

If you've experienced hypnosis before you'll already know hypnotherapy sessions are relaxing. It's good to know those relaxation effects can stay with you after your sessions with your hypnotherapist.

And when you're feeling more relaxed and in a more positive state of mind then other things naturally start to come into better perspectives. When we feel we have more options we feel more in control. And when we feel in control this leads us to managing better in day to day life and perhaps re-connecting with things we enjoy doing.

We can feel more like ourselves again.

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