Can Hypnotherapy help you get Pregnant?

Our body needs to be ready

To have the best chance of succeeding in getting pregnant our body needs to be ready. Someone who is highly stressed is in perpetual  flight or fight  mode. In this state our body focuses on ensuring the systems it will need to fight or run are ready, and it can shut down any parts that are not critical.

So for instance – have you ever been so anxious and stressed you have felt sick or literally thrown up? If so this may be your body’s way of getting you ready for fight or flight. A body that needs to make a mad dash for it doesn’t want to waste energy digesting food when it needs all its energy to run fast, does it?

Thinking about this some more, it them seems intuitive that if a body is stressed it may not be a good time for the body to accept or maintain a pregnancy. After all a pregnancy requires lot of the body’s resources.

Remove the stressors and it can all change

Have you ever known someone get pregnant soon after they gave up trying? Perhaps at the same time they let go of all the stress related to trying; pressure from family and friends, pressure they were putting on themselves?

If you have fertility issues, hypnotherapy is worth considering. Of course that's assuming you have been checked out by the doctors and any physical reasons have been ruled out.

Hypnotherapy can help with stress and it can also be used to uncover any subconscious doubts you have about becoming a parent, which may mean you are unwittingly sabotaging your own chances of getting pregnant.