Understanding why we eat too much is the first step to successful weight loss

Weight loss can sometimes seem complex because the reasons we overeat are so personal. Any successful weight loss journey needs to address our individual reasons for overeating.

Understanding why we overeat before embarking on weight loss will give a better chance of success.

And there may be more factors at play then we realise.

It's not just you - our environment is contributing

One of the areas it’s important to understand is that most of us live in an obesogenic environment that influences what and how we eat. Obesogenic environments make it harder and harder for us to eat healthily and not overconsume.

We may for instance live in a street full fast food shops and takeaways with all their tempting smells. Or we may have to pass by lots of coffee shops on the way to work or our local sandwich shop may pride itself on its generous portion sizes and once we buy something we don’t like to waste it by leaving some. The cheapest of crisps vs fruit can affect us, even when we have enough money in our pocket to choose either.

Even being stuck at home surrounded by food during lockdown is a good example of how our local environment can promote obesity. At least within our own homes we may have more choice of what to put in the cupboards, providing of course everyone in the household agrees.

Opening our eyes to the effect of our external environment is important.  Both  so we can acknowledge their influence and also so we can start to identify how to outwit it.

Realising Why We Personally Overeat is Important


In addition to environmental factors, becoming aware of the other reasons why we personally overeat is an important step towards changing our eating patterns for good.

When I work with clients on supporting them with their weight loss I’m always listening out for when they indulge and equally when they don’t.  If you eat when you’re bored the solution to helping you may be different to if you eat for comfort, or maybe as a self-reward.

Sometimes overeating can be just a habit we’ve developed over time and like most habits, has ended up becoming subconscious.

Sometimes our eating can be done so absentmindedly we hardly notice.  I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I’ve discovered I’ve eaten something without even remembering to savour the taste – what an opportunity lost, what a waste!

Being Clear on our Motivation

No-one can force a motivation on you. In fact it’s natural for people to dig their heels in when they’re told what to do. But developing a deeper understanding of what will change for the better once you’ve lost your weight will help keep you on track.

For some people it’s a pull towards something, for example being a good role model for their children. For others it may be a push away from something, for example the threat of type II diabetics. Did you know 1 in 2 people who develop type 2 diabetes are not obese?

Hypnotherapy can support you in your weight loss journey

Hypnotherapy can help support you in your weight loss journey.

Hypnosis can help you build and maintain motivation.

Hypnosis can help you change any automatic eating behaviours you’ve developed,  including binge eating.

If food meets  a particular emotional need for you, then hypnosis can help you fulfil that need in alternative ways.

If you’d like to start your weight loss journey, please do get in touch.