5 Reasons Hypnosis Works

1) Hypnosis can bypass our cynical selves

By the time we become adults we’ve already absorbed many different messages about the world around us. Those messages may reinforce ideas such as change is difficult and that any efforts we make may be in vain. In contrast think about how well children who haven’t yet learnt to be cynics are able to absorb new ideas and possibilities, like sponges. What’s not to like about re-connecting with that sort of state of mind? Hypnosis can help with that.

2) Hypnosis has its very own copy and paste function

Hypnosis can help you get hold of positive states of mind you have about some aspect of your life and help you copy these into other situations you’re feeling less comfortable about.

You may know people who seem to be able to do this naturally, for instance transferring confidence in playing a sport into confidence in work situations.

Hypnosis can give us a helping hand when we find this a bit more difficult.


3) Hypnosis helps you notice things

Hypnosis enables you realise things that you’ve never really thought about before. That’s helpful because noticing something’s happening can be the first step to changing it.

For instance it’s quite common for me to help clients to realise they aren’t yet comfortable with uncertainty about the future. As the saying goes, there are only two certainties in life “death and taxes” and that leaves an awful lot of uncertainty for us to get comfortable with living amongst. And hypnosis can help us do that.

4) Hypnosis helps you step outside yourself

In the trade this is called learning to dissociate or observe yourself. This can be helpful when you need to gain a new, more helpful perspective on something.

Being part of an audience rather than inside the unfolding drama allows you to take in different information – upon which you can start to make different decisions and draw new, more helpful conclusions.

5) Any finally - Sceptics stay away from it

Belief is a big part of any change work and if you don’t believe something can work then you’re creating your very own self -fulfilling prophecy.

Conversely, If you decide something can help you and you become fully engaged in the process then you’re already more than half way there.  Belief + hypnosis make a powerful combination!