Hypnotherapy for Needle Phobia

client who may be needle phobic

If we haven’t already, many of us will be invited over the next few months for our COVID19 jabs. Most people will be looking forward to their appointment. However if you suffer from needle phobia, part of you may be dreading the moment when the email or letter finally arrives.

Have you yet considered hypnotherapy to overcome your fear?

Whether you know where your phobia comes from or you have no idea, hypnosis can  be helpful in ridding you of your fear and enabling you to get your first vaccination and of course return for the all important second one too.

Why is hypnotherapy such a good choice for Needle phobia treatment?

Hypnotherapy is well known for treating phobias and that’s because so many of the tools in the hypnotist’s toolbox are just perfect for helping shift subconscious fears.

  • For instance we have tools that can break subconscious associations and help form new ones. At some point you’ve subconsciously associated needles with danger and we need to unwire that response and replace it with something calmer.
  • If your phobia stems from a real-life bad experience, either for yourself or someone you know then there are some great tools that allow you to process that experience through, which means that you are able to draw more health, useful conclusions from it.
  • We tend to become less fearful if we allow ourselves to be exposed to something. It’s important we built that exposure up gradually. Hypnotherapy can help us by exposing ourselves within our minds in a controlled and safe way to whatever we’re fearful of. This process is called systematic desensitization.
  • If you’re anxious about something about to happen you are probably subconsciously imagining the event going wrong over and over. This can be exhausting. Clues to this happening can be  having negative thoughts about it going round and round or perhaps  finding yourself spontaneously seeing unhelpful images. Hypnotherapy can help you imagine differently and replace the negative imaginations with more positive ones.

These are just some of the approaches. There are many, many more and your hypnotherapist will discuss with you the best approaches for you.

Hypnotherapy can help you test whether your fear has really gone before you go for your jab

Hypnotherapy enables us to both treat your fear of needles and test the treatment has worked, all within the safe environment of the therapy room (or your own room if we are working online together, online hypnotherapy is very effective).

Towards the end of your hypnotherapy treatment I can guide you through a very thorough, very detailed mental rehearsal of getting your vaccine. We can use this rehearsal to reassure ourselves your fears have subsided and also to ascertain if we have a bit more work to do to increase your level of comfort further still.

Please do get in touch if you’d like my help.