Are you a teacher who needs help with anxiety?

Free from Anxiety's an Panic's control

Do you find it increasingly hard to leave your stress and anxiety behind as you lock the classroom door at the end of term?

May be you find it impossible to unwind during the holidays. May be your anxiety builds as the holidays progress, knowing the next school year is just around the corner?

If you’re a teacher, on behalf of myself and my family, thank you for all the wonderful work you do! I have never been a teacher but from speaking with teachers I know and volunteering at my daughter's school I have seen the enormity of the responsibility and workloads involved.

Are you ready to deal with your anxiety once and for all, now?

Imagine your life when Anxiety no longer controls you

When you’ve given up the exhausting task of worrying that goes hand in hand with anxiety.

When you feel more relaxed, clearer headed and free to focus on the things you want rather than the things you don’t want in your life.

What are you looking forward to doing?

I'm Here to Help You

Anxiety is extremely common and although some people are able to cover it up well, the effort of doing so can be exhausting. I can help you with whatever sort of anxiety you have - Panic Attacks, Generalised anxiety, social anxiety, test anxiety, Anxiety related depression, Phobias and Fears , Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Through hypnotherapy I can help with all of these and free you from your anxiety by identifying the root cause of the anxiety within your subconscious mind and removing it. I can also  give you the tools and strategies to prevent it from re-gaining control in the future.

I have helped lots of people to overcome their anxiety. They did it and you can too. Some of my clients knew where their anxiety came from, others didn't. It doesn't matter, I can help in both cases.

More on Freeing You from your Anxiety

Whatever guise your anxiety takes it can leave you feeling as if you have no control over it, exhausted from worry and in the case of panic attacks may even make your fear you are going to die. Common to all of these is an unconscious FEAR. A fear of losing control, a fear of the future, a fear of looking stupid, a fear of failure, a fear of not being good enough, you may be able to add other fears to  this list……

No wonder anxiety can lead to avoidance of doing things and going places, for the fear of what might happen.

The good news is you can start right now to free yourself from Anxiety's control.

Self-help can be useful ....

Starting with learning how to breathe to calm yourself (yes a simple thing like focusing on your breathing can help). In this video I explain how to breathe to calm yourself when anxious and explain why it is works.

Regular relaxation is also important. To help you start practicing some relaxation, why not download my free Guided Relaxation audio?

There are more self-help tips here for phobia anxieties and these are also be helpful for other forms of anxiety.

When self-help is not enough

If self-help is not enough and you need professional support then I can help by identifying and getting rid of of the underlying root cause of your fear. Once removed, the anxiety can simply melt away. It has nothing to feed off.

There are many therapeutic methods I use to free my clients from their anxiety and we can discuss which is the best method for you when we meet. I have written in my blog about some of the methods I use including the Rewind Technique. Please have a look around my site and do contact me if you have any questions.