Smoking - I know you know all the reasons you should give it up

  • You feel like an outcast as you stand in the smoking “shelter” outside a Reading pub that barely keeps the wind and the rain out
  • It’s expensive - it’s costing you thousands a year when there are better things to spend that money on.
  • It makes you stink
  • Those aging signs are becoming obvious as you look in the mirror
  • It may well kill you

But knowing you “should” give it up hasn’t been enough has it?

You may even have tried in the past and succeeded for a while, but maybe those cigarettes lured you back again?

Why has it been so hard?

Why, when you know all the downsides why keep up this destructive, expensive habit? It’s because this habit is so deeply ingrained now it’s directed by your subconscious mind.

Think about driving, a good habit assuming you are a nice safe driver, when you learnt to drive you had to focus on it (may be during your lessons you kept saying to yourself “ mirror, signal, manoeuvre”)  but now you just do it  – automatically.

This is why hypnotherapy is a great way of giving up smoking

As hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious mind.

All we need to do is replace that smoking habit with something more positive.

Time to Do It

So - All  you need to do now is think of what you want to do instead of reaching for a smoke – maybe reach for a drink of water,  you decide.

And then if you’re really motivated to quit then get in touch and let’s get this done

My Stop Smoking Package and Guarantees

£200 all inclusive fee

Initial telephone consultation

1:1 stop smoking session tailored individually for you

Free follow up session should you ever need it

Congratulations for taking the first step. I will be in touch to arrange your booking.

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