Keep Your New Year’s Resolution beyond the end of January

Time for a New Approach?

I bet the year seems like it's already flying past. How are your New Year's Resolutions going so far?  If you have the same New Year’s Resolution each year and barely get past February before giving up then isn't it time to consider a new approach?

Make sure come December you’re not angry, annoyed or disappointed in yourself that another year has passed and you haven’t made the changes you wanted.

Why’s it so hard?

We tend to set New Year’s Resolutions around things we really want to do, but haven’t managed to achieve in the normal course of our lives. So, before we start we have chosen something that although it’s important to us isn’t that easy, else we’d have done it by now – right?

Hypnotherapy gives you a helping hand

One of the reasons we can’t change something we really want to is because what we think and do isn’t always under our full conscious control.

If you are trying to change something that you’ve done for a long time then the odds are you are trying to change something that has become so ingrained it’s become automatic, an unconscious habit. Tackling it with just sheer will power isn’t enough. Hypnotherapy can succeed where will power alone fails, by targeting change at that deep subconscious level.

Hypnotherapy is great at tackling stubborn problems

Hypnotherapy is great for breaking long term bad habits you no longer want – including binge eating, overeating, smoking, not exercising.

Hypnotherapy can unstick you from being stuck with a negative view of yourself. For instance do others see you as successful but, despite what you achieve, do you feel like a failure, never good enough or perhaps see yourself as a fraud waiting to be "found out"?

Hypnotherapy can enable you to break links with the past. Putting behind you past events that still influence you today and hold you back.

Deborah Winyard Clinical Hypnotherapist - Hypnotherapy Reading Berkshire

Make 2022 the year you succeed

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