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I don't yet know why you need my help.

Maybe you suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, lack of confidence, a debilitating phobia, battle with your weight or can't give up smoking?

Maybe you can't quite put your finger on it but just know you want to feel different and better. More whole? Be more part of life rather than an observer? Less lonely? No longer held back?

Perhaps you've tried many times to make permanent changes and haven't yet succeeded.

How I can Help

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to produce a natural state of deep relaxation. This relaxation is in itself beneficial and can reduce stress and anxiety. Hypnosis also allows you access to your subconscious mind and it is this access that can enable permanent, positive changes to be achieved using hypnosis.

Our previous life experiences have influence on how we think and feel today. You probably won’t consciously be aware of how your current difficulties are linked to past events. This is because these connections between past events and your current thoughts and feelings are made subconsciously. 

Only trying to make changes at the conscious level may be the reason your previous attempts to make positive changes have not stuck, those subconscious connections keep dragging you back again. You work really hard to make positive changes but they don't have the lasting effect you hoped for.

Deep level changes at the subconscious level will leave all parts of your mind working in harmony and can enable positive, life changing, lasting change. You are then free to build the life you want.

"Debbie has really helped me by giving me the tools to help with my stress and aniexty. I had 5 sessions which I really enjoyed and felt very relaxed and uplifted after each one. Debbie listens and works with you so you get the best out of each session. I would definitely recommend this therapy with Debbie, Fantastic !" Facebook review June 18

"Panic attacks and anxiety had held me prisoner for so long. I had to leave my job and felt unfulfilled. I’d tried lots of therapies and amso glad I decided to give Hypnotherapy a try. I am so glad I went to see Debbie. Now I am planning a new career and finally able to look forward to things again". (client from Reading)